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Namaste, and welcome to Ask EsaRa, where a lively and joyful group of angelic beings answer questions sent in by readers, and blog about their observations of our world and our journey through the human adventure called life.

Some years ago, this group of angels introduced themselves to Judi Hammond, who eventually agreed to begin channeling them publicly. At one point, EsaRa offered monthly gatherings through a local retreat center, spoke to various groups throughout the area, and wrote an online column through which they answered questions directly from readers. Now they’ve returned to cyberspace with their very own blog, Ask EsaRa, where they answer questions from readers, as well as posting on topics of their own choosing.

EsaRa speaks with one voice and one consciousness, offering messages of loving guidance to support humanity’s ongoing evolution into higher states of being. Their informal, sometimes irreverent style can come as a surprise to those who have preconceived ideas about what channeled entities are “supposed” to sound like. Their progressive stance on human spirituality is often in contrast with much of what is commonly embraced in the alternative spirituality community. But no matter what path we travel, or how far along it we may be, awareness of the ultimate, non-dual reality is essential for our ongoing evolution into higher levels of consciousness, and more refined states of being.

We are not these bodies of flesh and blood, nor these minds full of constantly churning thoughts. We are not the personalities our egos project to each other. Oneness is the Truth at the core of our identity. Or as EsaRa puts it so eloquently, “we are incomplete without your being.”

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One of the themes which comes up repeatedly in EsaRa’s messages over the years, is the concept of non-duality.

Non-duality is the English equivalent of the Sanskrit term advaita, (not two), which means that although we perceive things in our world to be many separate and distinct forms, in reality there are not many different things– there is only one “thing.”

Human perception is typically dualistic. Through the effect of our senses and our thoughts, it appears to us that there are many different things. We see marked distinctions between things, which separate “this thing over here” from “that thing over there.” This same effect also causes us to feel that we are separate from each other.

Many Eastern traditions hold that the true nature of reality is non-dualistic, and that the appearance of the many different forms and distinctions we experience is unreal. From a philosophical standpoint, non-dualism states there is no fundamental distinction between these things, no distinction between mind and matter, and that the entire world of forms is an illusion.

This suggests our sense of personal being is also part of the same illusion. Even our most basic beliefs about who we are and about our experience of life, such as “I do this activity,” and “I am in control” and “I make things happen,” are ultimately, unreal. As Gautama Buddha said:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts.”